Our team

We are a team of young engineers.
We bio-engineered bacteria to produce Omega-3 fatty acids. Those bacterias are suited for industrial scale production.

We Have One Goal

Our mission is Producing high quality omega-3
From sustainable sources

Microfit project aims to put synthetic biology at the service of producing EPA and DHA with high purity at an industrial scale. We are working on transgenic high-productivity non-pathogenic bacterial strains. After cloning, intensive growth and extraction, we obtain omega-3 fatty acids in high concentration, pure of all marine pollution, vegan, without endangering biodiversity. The production can then easily scale as bacterias are very resilient and fast growing organisms.

tanks, brewery, fermentation

Microfit Team

Hugo Weidmann

X-HEC Entrepreneur - ISAE-Supaero

Alix d'Archimbaud

X - Master Biologie Santé

Our partners

They are helping us

Nutrition, Metabolisme, Aquaculture at INRAE
Sandrine Skiba
Syntetic biology professor at Ecole Polytechnique
Hannu Myllykallio
Director of the Laboratory of « Commensals and Probiotics-Host Interactions » at INRAE
Philippe Langella